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We specialise in physical rehabilitation for symptoms of neurological conditions like these…

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Stroke/Brain attack

After a stroke, a wide range of symptoms can show up. We’ve seen clients continue to improve over months and even years with the right support, encouragement and hard work.

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Spinal cord injury

Treatment depends on the specific injury and the client’s goals. We’ll support safe mobility, strengthening, and movement recovery that promote independence.

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Brain injury

Modern rehabilitation technology combined with exercise-based treatment has proven very effective to address weakness, stiffness and balance.

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Parkinson’s Disease

Physical exercise will improve symptoms, and may even slow down the progression of PD. The right exercise routine can improve balance, coordination, sleep and outlook.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Your expertly-trained neurophysio will help you make the right lifestyle choices and exercise interventions at every and any stage.

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Other conditions

You’ll get personalised treatment for the specific neurological condition and symptoms you face. We treat a full range.

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What to expect

We provide clients throughout Scotland with personalised, specialised, encouraging physiotherapy treatment. A specially-trained neurophysio will work with you in your home, gym, pool or specialist clinic, with the latest rehab technology available. We come to you (and your loved ones & caregivers too) with years of experience, honest answers, and appreciation of the hard work that lies ahead. Your progress towards an optimal level of physical function, mobility and fulfilment is always our goal.

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Support from family and friends is so important to successful treatment and continuing progress. You’re bound to have questions, concerns and ideas – let’s see how we can help.

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We often collaborate with case
managers, GPs, researchers, solicitors, and other professionals seeking information about neurological physiotherapy needs, assessments and reporting. Consider us when you need an expert resource.

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What our clients and families say…


This company has helped me regain much more of my balance and core strength lost in the first lockdown. Through weekly visits, with plenty of exercises to do daily in between, I have come a long way to regaining core strength and balance. Thank you to a wonderful specialist physiotherapist that makes each visit to give me more confidence.

Bernadette Hendry

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