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Specialist rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions

Our Purpose is to help people living with neurological issues reach their maximum physical potential, and have a better, more fulfilling, quality of life. We don’t accept that ‘this is as good as it gets’ for clients. Together we can do more, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, at each stage of our client’s journey.

We achieve results by applying our specialist skills and using the latest technology. We provide flexible, empathetic and trusted support. We build relationships with our clients, and their families, maximising their potential to achieve stretching but realistic functional goals. 

We commonly help people improve:

  • Mobility in walking, climbing stairs and physical transfers
  • Hand and arm movement such as grip strength, dexterity, eating and drinking
  • Balance and co-ordination to prevent falls
  • Stiffness and tightness in muscles
  • Pain control

Together we can increase well-being, resilience, confidence and fulfilment through achieving greater physical independence.


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If you have a neurological condition that isn’t listed here but you think specialist physiotherapy might help, please give us a no obligation call to discuss.

We offer a home visit service – often the best place get a clear idea of how your condition affects your day to day activities. Clinic rooms can also be arranged or we could see you in your local gym or swimming pool. Get in touch for a chat>>


STROKE (Cerebro-Vascular Accident or CVA)
physiotherapy for strokes
A stroke occurs when the blood-flow to an area of the brain in interrupted. This can be caused by a burst blood vessel or by a clot causing a blockage. The severity of the symptoms depends on the size.
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spinal injuries physiotherapy
Treatment for SCI focuses on maximizing recovery of movement in the limbs affected with the overall aim of giving patient an opportunity to become as independent as possible.
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    Polite, professional and tailored to my needs

    “This is my personal recommendation for Neuro Physio Scotland, from which I have been receiving treatment since June 2012. Its proprietors, Cassie and Kenny Thoms, are always polite and professional in their dealings with me and they are very effective in tailoring their physiotherapy to the needs of the individual patient. I am particularly grateful […]


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