“Outstanding treatment and support” for Spinal Cord Injury

I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding one of your colleagues, Ms Helen Caldwell. She has provided outstanding treatment and support to a young client I have who was severely injured following a road traffic accident. My client was left without any support after being discharged from the hospital where he initially received intensive NHS in-patient therapy. He sustained a C6 dislocation, C7/C8 fracture and required surgery to insert plates to stabilize the fracture.

Helen agreed to travel quite a distance to visit him and following assessment. She met with him at his local private gym for weekly sessions to progress his functional capabilities. Helen assessed both mobility and hand function throughout his rehabilitation and supplemented NHS input regarding hand therapy. She communicated regularly with me and provided comprehensive updates.  With Helen’s expertise, the client has progressed to independent walking, has achieved a return to driving an automatic car and is now seeking work via a vocational programme.

The client would not have achieved this level of recovery it had not been for Helen, in fact, he has chosen to self-fund ongoing physio with Helen as his claim was recently settled. I do hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Helen in the future.

Wendy Hopps, Rehabilitation Manager