Incomplete spinal cord injury rehabilitation

I suffered a partial spinal injury at T9/10 in 2007 resulting in a major loss of mobility and a new life in a wheelchair.  I had been attempting to use a walking frame and PACE device (Functional Electrical Stimulation) for 2 years with little progress.  My daughter saw a better future for me and contacted Kenny in March 2015.  As a Neurophysiotherapist, he fully understands my condition and is able to assess my potential.

His knowledge and understanding of working with spinal injury patients has been refreshing as he knows the best way to both encourage and challenge me in my walking and lifestyle goals. Each time Kenny visits, I manage to go further than the last and in 7 months I am relying less on my wheelchair and using my walking frame and PACE device for all of my daily tasks.

Kenny has helped me achieve more than I ever expected due to his professionalism and positive attitude.  He puts me at ease, gives me confidence and trust in our goal planning, and has renewed my motivation to improve.

The video below shows me working on my latest goal – walking outside!