The very best use of the pension we’ve ever made!

The very best use of the pension we’ve ever made!

Dear NeuroPhysio Scotland,

We have, last week, reluctantly let go of your wonderful (neurophysio) Katey MacPherson.  We did look for excuses to hang onto her however she had accomplished such “miracles” for Richard in the last months that even as sly geriatrics we couldn’t justify taking up more of her time than she had already so generously gifted us. We have said our thank-you’s to her personally but felt the great service she provided needed a proper/official acknowledgement.

On July 20th 2017, having contracted meningitis, encephalitis and osteomyelitis, Richard scored 3 on the Glasgow Coma Score, was on 100% oxygen, and was ventilated for 7 days in critical care in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to keep him alive. Four weeks followed at the Western General, learning to walk and talk. But it was Katey MacPherson who gave him back his life.

Kate, our A&E doctor daughter, concerned by how disabled ‘Dad’ was after his catastrophe,  “prescribed” a Neuro Physiotherapist.  At the time we had no notion of how vital, necessary and important she would be, although Dr Sutherland, (Consultant infectious diseases) was very enthusiastic about the idea!

Katey arrived like our very own “Nanny MacPhee…erson”**  and rescued two rather battered, wobbly and scared 70 year olds.  Her infectious enthusiasm, energy, encouragement and endless good humour carried us out of our mutual despair in the first session!

She gave Richard back his balance, strength and fitness, but most importantly his confidence.   She took him back to his beloved gym for several sessions, which made him feel “normal”. She taught him how to safely run, lift weights, bend and stretch.  She made him feel brave again!!!!

There are no words quite special enough to cover what that young woman did for both of us, so Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! will have to do for now.

In terms of time and money it is without doubt the very, very best use of the pension we’ve ever made.  It was an investment beyond price!  We would not be in this privileged place without your Katey.  Her wonderful illustrated work sheets, professional skills, knowledge and generous spirit made the last few months “easy”, but we all know how much effort goes into “easy”???

Any of your future clients who fetch up with Katey will be fortunate indeed.

Our thanks again.

Your fans,

The Grateful Geriatrics,

The much, much better Richard & Mary Holzman.

** “Nanny MacPhee…erson” named by our Kate, so encouraged by Katey’s positivity and enthusiasm after they had their phone call.  “She’s going to parachute in and rescue Dad (and by association you too!)”