Energy and Enthusiasm make the difference 6 years after Stroke

Energy and Enthusiasm make the difference 6 years after Stroke


My husband, weakened by a stroke in 2011, has regular gym sessions and daily home exercises. Last year, we decided upon a much-needed review of his progress and future needs, and contacted NeuroPhysio Scotland.

Their Inverness and Moray Coast Specialist, Emma Thompson, has totally rejuvenated a flagging exercise regime. She has made a thorough assessment of his current capabilities and needs, and has created a new programme, well described for him in word form, and with simple diagrams for him to follow. We feel he has benefitted already. His gym colleagues have welcomed this model of best practice, and we hope that others will benefit from this approach too.

Emma has brought energy and enthusiasm, and educated us in a back to basics approach, so trusted and valued by both of us. Her skill has created an equal partnership in which we feel safe and confident to voice concerns, ask questions and try new things. She has gone the extra mile for us, using her expertise to draw down additional resources which we so badly needed, and would not otherwise have pursued.

We are very glad we contacted NeuroPhysio Scotland, and would recommend them, and their exemplary staff, without hesitation.

Thank you

Martin Bloomfield and Ellaine Muscroft


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