Rehabilitation Technology: Free Trial Clinic

2014-05-15 08.57.25Neuro Physio Scotland would like to invite you to a free event in Maryhill Burgh Halls, Glasgow on Thursday the 29th of May 2014. The event is designed to give people with a neurological condition the opportunity to try out several of the latest rehabilitation technologies to enter the market. These include the MyGait functional electrical stimulation device, the Stiwell Med 4 functional electrical stimulation device for the arm and hand, the Omo Neurexa support for subluxed shoulders and the WalkOn range of ankle-foot orthoses (splints) for foot drop and improved stance control.

Physical recovery from neurological injury can be influenced by many factors. Neurological physiotherapy plays an important role and can consist of many different strands – traditionally individualised programmes of stretching, stretching and facilitation of more normal movement patterns. However, the development of new technologies has opened up different treatment options. We now know that to give the brain the best possible chance of re-wiring itself after damage, we need to practice functional movements repeatedly. This can be facilitated by expert physiotherapy but this is often limited in time and frequency. Some rehabilitation technologies such as Functional Electrical Stimulation offer ways for people to continue to practice intensively between physio sessions. Other technologies use their orthotic effect to hold a joint in the correct position. This then allows the body to move in a more normal pattern. For example, using the WalkOn Flex to correct foot drop could allow the hip and knee to stop compensating and begin to move in a more natural pattern, making walking more comfortable and efficient.

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