We supply high tech modern orthotics that can correct foot drop and much more. The latest selection of Ankle-Foot Orthoses from Ottobock allow varying degrees of support and flexibility to ensure we can help you find the perfect fit.

WalkOn Flex

walk-on-flexThe WalkOn Flex lifts the foot and makes possible a relatively high level of mobility. The Glass/carbon fibre composite allows high flexibility – great for climbing stairs and squatting.

Its low weight, open heel and calf strap made of temperature-regulating padding make it extremely comfortable to wear. Its slim, discreet and easy to don and off.

WalkOn Trimable

walk-on-trimmableThe WalkOn Trimable lifts the foot and also stabilises the ankle and knee joint.

Whilst still good for climbing stairs and squatting, this model gives more stability around the ankle. This is important where there is calf tightness or spasticity.


WalkOn Reaction

walk-on-reactionThe WalkOn Reaction lifts the foot but also uses forces to help control the knee and ankle joint.
For example, if you find that your knee becomes more unstable during long periods of standing or walking, this orthotic could help stabilise the knee. Its energy return properties can also improve efficiency.

Foot Up

foot_up_shoeless_black__75954_zoomIf less support is needed then the Foot Up from Ossur may suffice.  Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle orthosis that offers dynamic support for Drop Foot or similar complaints.

We also supply a selection of resting splints and supports for the shoulder, arm and hand. Please contact us if you have any questions about any orthotics not described here or see more options here Ottobock Orthotics.