Rehabilitation Technology

We can provide you with latest rehabilitation aids such as:

Use of these technologies can often enhance recovery or provide lasting solutions to problems such as reduced walking ability, loss of hand grip, foot drop and shoulder subluxation.


Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

FES is the use of electrical stimulation to make a particular muscle work in a way that helps you function better such as:

  • Correction of Foot Drop to help you walk further, faster and more efficiently with the Pace, Walkaide or MyGait.
  • Correction of shoulder subluxation to reduce pain and potentially improve arm and hand movement.
  • FES cycling to improve cardio-vascular fitness, reduce stiffness and improve sense of well-being.


Saebo Orthotics

Neuro Physio Scotland supplies neurological orthotic devices, including the ground-breaking:

  • SaeboStretch
  • SaeboFlex
  • SaeboReach

These allow patients with very little residual arm and hand function to immediately begin performing task-oriented, grasp and release activities, thereby forging new pathways in the brain.



We supply high tech modern orthotics that can correct foot drop and much more. The latest selection of Ankle-Foot Orthoses from Ottobock allow varying degrees of support and flexibility to ensure we can help you find the perfect fit. You can trial the:

  • WalkOn Flex
  • WalkOn Trimmable
  • WalkOn Reaction

We also supply a selection of resting splints and supports for the shoulder, arm and hand.