New device helps arm recovery after stroke

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The Move-Able is now available! A simple but very versatile new arm training device is now available for trial in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness. It is designed to help people to move their arm after injury. Sometimes after stroke or brain injury it can be very challenging to “get the arm going”. We hope that this device will help many people to exercise their arm more effectively, more intensively and in a stimulating but challenging way. We know these things are essential to maximise the brain’s neuroplasticity and help people regain as much useful arm movement as possible.


The device was initially developed by the daughter of one of our clients. She was studying at Strathclyde University when her father, Richard suffered a stroke. This inspired her to develop a device that could help him in his battle to regain movement in his arm. Richard has since helped test, refine and build several prototypes, culminating in the production of their first batch of commercially available Move-Able arm exercise devices.


You can watch Richard using the Move-Able in the videos below. Please contact us to discuss your suitability or arrange a trial in clinic or in your own home.