Frequently Asked Questions

I had a stroke 6 months ago. Do I still have the potential to get better?

Recovery tends to happen more rapidly at first, then get slower as the months pass. However significant improvements can be made by some people over many years. After getting to know you, your physiotherapist will be able to give you a good idea about how much potential you still have.

What will it my treatment cost?

We charge a competitive hourly rate for treatment along with reasonable travel costs for home visits. Our prices therefore depend on a number of factors such as location, length of treatment and use of equipment. Please call us for an individualised quote.

How soon can you see me?

We can normally arrange to see you within 5 working days.

Can you visit me at home?

Yes. We provide a home visit service in the areas around Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. If you would prefer a clinic appointment then that can also be arranged.

What happens at my first appointment?

Your first session consists of a neurological assessment. This starts with a discussion about your condition, how it affects you and what you would like to achieve. This is followed by a physical examination to look at things like muscle stiffness, strength and co-ordination. Some time may then be spent analysing patterns of movement during functional tasks like standing up or walking.

The findings of the examination will then be discussed with you and used to formulate a treatment programme that is specifically tailored to your needs, expectations and goals. This will include an honest appraisal of what potential you have and the treatment options available.

We will also make you aware of any Rehabilitation Technology that could assist you in your goals.

Could FES help me?

That depends on a few factors. There are many different devices that can help people regain a particular function or complement physiotherapy treatment. An assessment by one of our specialists will highlight whether FES could be of benefit for you. FES for foot drop is normally only suitable if it is caused by damage to the central nervous system. Please call us if you would like to discuss.

Could Saebo Orthotics help me?

Saebo have a range of products that can help either stretch out a tight hand or enable the hand and elbow to function more effectively. The SaeboFlex uses springs to help open the fingers and allow you to grasp objects more effectively. There are several factors that influence their effectiveness. An assessment by one of our specialists will highlight whether Saebo Orthotics could be of benefit to you.

Can you see me while I’m still in an NHS hospital?

No. It creates a complex legal and professional situation if we were to treat you in an NHS institution. We can provide treatment at home or in private hospitals and nursing homes. We advise you to make the most of the NHS services you receive and reassure you that we can help you reach your full potential if required once you have been discharged.

Can I supplement the NHS physio I receive with additional private sessions?

Yes, but this should ideally be agreed between the treating therapists. There is an information paper on this written by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy called Concurrent and subsequent treatment. This  advises physiotherapists how to structure this relationship.